Variations on the 20 Minute Tempo and Why it Matters

The Burn Is Real We’ve all been told the same thing by nearly every coach, physical trainer and fellow athlete in existence, namely that lactic acid is the enemy, a nasty gunk that makes your legs burn, seize up and eventually slow down against your will. While there are some elements of truth to this … Read more

Off-Season Training for Runners

This article will answer: What is the off season: Off-season is a time where training intensity and volume are reduced. For many runners this is between races or goals. It’s a phase in running that can last a couple of weeks to a couple of months, but there is no set duration. The duration and … Read more

Keeping your Run Mental Game Strong

Off-Season Soul-Searching for the Runner While many of us are wholly acclimated to running long, grueling miles, and we’ve all had our grit, determination, and mental strength tested in ways non-runners can never fully understand, winter running is a beast of a sport unto itself. One that tests even the most experienced, hardened runners, and … Read more

Mountain Air Altitude Tent Review – Coach Dandelion Dilluvio-Scott

Product: MountainAir Complete System Automatically Controlled Altitude Tent Typical Price: $4,820.00 Where to buy: Best Use: Altitude acclimatization via normobaric hypoxia exposure. In simpler terms, this tent system can be a good altitude acclimatization alternative for an athlete who does not have the luxury of arriving to a high elevation race with enough time … Read more

What is Run Specific Core Training?

In 2008, Canadian Triathlete Carolyn Murray finally realized her dream of being selected for the Olympic triathlon team. Murray was often in the lead pack off the bike. However, despite being an excellent runner, she would fade during the run. After trying many strategies, Carolyn tried something different altogether. She doubled down on her core … Read more

The Ins and Outs of Tapering

Runners working toward a half marathon and particularly a marathon or longer often hear talk about tapering. They know it means they should decrease their mileage and scale back their workouts as the race gets closer; however, many runners avoid tapering because they fear it will negatively affect their race-day performance. Even when runners do … Read more

UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest Review

Looking for your next running vest to carry water, gear and fueling? Check out the UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest, reviewed by Coach Hunter Burdette! Typical Price: $130 Where to buy: Best Use: This is a great vest for racing. This vest eliminates a few key problems that I have had with other race vests. … Read more

Gear Guide Inclusive of All Sizing

What types of clothes should one look for as a runner? Can a runner just grab anything from the closet and head out for a run? Ideally, yes. Wearing clothes that are comfortable is the best place to start while running. As one starts to run more, they may find that those everyday sweats are … Read more

What Running Apps do I Need?

I love apps. I’m constantly searching to find the completely perfect software that will help me plan, organize, or track any aspect of my life and therefore make me a more organized person with minimal effort on my end. Running has me at my pickiest when it comes to selecting apps. I’ve tried them all … Read more

Beginner Runners Aches and Pains

Running is a repetitive sport and as such there is a relatively high rate of aches and pains in all runners, especially beginner runners. Below is some information on the most common aches and pains among runners, ways to prevent them, and how to treat them if they occur. Prevention is the best medicine!  Blisters … Read more

Running Jargon for the Beginner

The running community is full of energetic individuals who love to share every detail of their hobby to anyone who will listen! However, our niche sport has its own special language. So for all of you who are new to the running world, we’re here to fill you in on our special jargon!  Whether we’re … Read more

The Best Running Playlists

Every now and then, runners encounter a wall that requires a little extra motivation to break through. Whether that’s the infamous 20 mile mark of the marathon, that local neighborhood hill whose steep grade is notorious amongst local runners, or anything in between. A good, upbeat song can be just what you need to break … Read more

Should I Buy Special Running Socks?

A common question among newer runners is whether they need to buy specialty running socks. When you’re already dropping hundreds of dollars on other gear like shoes, rollers, and hydration belts, you may think just any pair of socks will do. Not true! And this article seeks to show just how important it is to … Read more

Sports Bras for Newer Runners

As you probably already found out, running shoes are not the cheapest investment for running, but it goes by that saying, “You get what you pay for.”  Same goes with buying sports bras.  On average, sports bras range from $35 to $98.  They’re not cheap considering you’re probably going to buy a few to rotate … Read more

Fasted Running: Yea or Nay

We’ve all heard about Intermittent Fasting as a fad diet trend. Based on the practice of eating only during a certain window of time – or on certain days of the week – and fasting the rest of the time, IF elicits thoughts of deprivation diets and serious bouts of “hanger”.  The reality, however, is … Read more