Mountain Air Altitude Tent Review – Coach Dandelion Dilluvio-Scott

Product: MountainAir Complete System Automatically Controlled Altitude Tent Typical Price: $4,820.00 Where to buy: Best Use: Altitude acclimatization via normobaric hypoxia exposure. In simpler terms, this tent system can be a good altitude acclimatization alternative for an athlete who does not have the luxury of arriving to a high elevation race with enough time … Read more

UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest Review

Looking for your next running vest to carry water, gear and fueling? Check out the UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest, reviewed by Coach Hunter Burdette! Typical Price: $130 Where to buy: Best Use: This is a great vest for racing. This vest eliminates a few key problems that I have had with other race vests. … Read more

Gear Guide Inclusive of All Sizing

What types of clothes should one look for as a runner? Can a runner just grab anything from the closet and head out for a run? Ideally, yes. Wearing clothes that are comfortable is the best place to start while running. As one starts to run more, they may find that those everyday sweats are … Read more

What Running Apps do I Need?

I love apps. I’m constantly searching to find the completely perfect software that will help me plan, organize, or track any aspect of my life and therefore make me a more organized person with minimal effort on my end. Running has me at my pickiest when it comes to selecting apps. I’ve tried them all … Read more

Should I Buy Special Running Socks?

A common question among newer runners is whether they need to buy specialty running socks. When you’re already dropping hundreds of dollars on other gear like shoes, rollers, and hydration belts, you may think just any pair of socks will do. Not true! And this article seeks to show just how important it is to … Read more

Scat Belt GRIZ Gear Review with Coach Dandelion Dilluvio-Scott

Coach Dandelion reviews the Scat Belt GRIZ – Bear Spray Belt, as she typically runs in both Black Bear and Grizzly Bear country, and previously worked as an Interpretative Park Ranger in Yellowstone National Park. Going running in bear country? Check out Dandelion’s post about running safely in bear country first! Typical Price: $44.95 Where … Read more

Why Runners Need Sunglasses

Spring has sprung in the northern hemisphere, the days are growing longer, and strings of bright sunny days are on the horizon! There are numerous reasons that running hard in the sun can lead to heat related struggles, but what about light related struggles? Sure you look cool ripping laps around the track in aviator … Read more

What is a “Neutral” Running Shoe?

There is never a time that running shoes are not a hot topic, afterall, there are basically a gazillion different shoes that seem to be updating and evolving almost daily! Most of these shoes can be categorized as a “stability” shoe or a “neutral” shoe, which can be important when trying to determine which running … Read more

What is a “Stability” Running Shoe?

It is often said that the only piece of equipment that you need for running is a good pair of running shoes. There are approximately 14,732,451 different brands and models of running shoes (okay, really it’s only a few thousand options), most of which fall into the category of being a “stability” shoe or a … Read more

Mittens vs Gloves: The Great Winter Running Debate

Everyone enjoys a good popsicle (strawberry is my personal favorite), but not when the popsicles are your fingers during a cold winter run! Gloves vs mittens? Which one keeps your hands warmer, which should you choose? In this article, Team RunRun explores why your fingers get so cold when running and the solutions for keeping … Read more

Essential Running Gear for the Beginner Runner

Having the right gear can make or break your running experience when you’re just getting started, and it can be a bit overwhelming to identify what you truly need and where to find it. This guide from Team RunRun coaches and athletes will help you find the essential gear you need to begin running, and … Read more

Favorite Women’s Hydration Packs

We asked the women on the team to pick their favorite hydration pack – the result? There are lots of great options out there! Find out below which are our runners’ and coaches’ favorites, along with why, sizing tips, and the most important test of a good pack: if they’d recommend them to a friend! … Read more