Terrapin Mountain 50k Race Info

Summary: Terrapin Mountain 50k is a course known for its long climb in the middle, followed by its steep descent, and rare flat moments along the way, this course is a mixture of forest service roads, jeep roads and single track, and is an an early season, challenging race. Located in Sedalia, VA, both a 50k and half marathon distance are run and the 50k course is a multiple loop course, while the half marathon does one loop.

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Course starts on a paved road for about a half mile, then jeep road for a half mile, before turning off onto a steeper trail to reach the first aid station at mile 4.1
  • Steep pop up to Terrapin Mountain from mile ~22-23, of about 500 feet. Technical, rocky ascent followed by a steep descent from mile ~23 to ~25.5 of about 2100 feet
  • On the way down, you have to squeeze through an 18” crack in a rock wall
  • The last 5 miles has lots of running in and out of ravines – about 11 of them, so prepared mentally to feel like this section lasts a long time until the finish.
  • Tough middle section of a long, 9 mile climb of ~2600 feet with one dip in the middle, followed by a ~2100 foot descent
  • The descent from mile 4.1 is mainly on a forest service road – be sure not to go too fast and use it all up before you’ve started the biggest climb and descent
  • Don’t forget to punch your bib along the way!
  • Be careful on the final creek crossing – you’re excited to finish and likely not paying attention
  • Final couple of miles are typically fast, so you can pick up the pace here and into the finish.


Total gain/loss: 7,000/7,000

Ft/mile gain: 226

Total climbs: 1×1800, 1×900, 1×2100, 1×500, 1×400 (along with lots of smaller ones)

Course Map/Elevation profile (Strava)

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 7

Furthest distance apart: 5.7 miles

Locations: Miles 4.1, 7.2, 9.4, 13.3, 16.4, 22.1, 25.6

What’s available: Typical aid station fare: electrolyte drink, soda, water and a variety of food items.

Crew access

Access Locations: Goff Mtn. Rd. aid station only, mile 9.4

Race reports



http://peake-performance.blogspot.com/2013/04/2013-terrapin-mt-50k-race-report.html (good pictures)



Strava activities and GPX files



Race Website


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