UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest Review

Looking for your next running vest to carry water, gear and fueling? Check out the UltrAspire Bronco Race Vest, reviewed by Coach Hunter Burdette!

Typical Price: $130

Where to buy: runningwharehouse.com

Best Use:

This is a great vest for racing. This vest eliminates a few key problems that I have had with other race vests. I typically struggle to reach items that I have placed in the back pockets of most race vests. The Bronco sits higher up on the back so that I can actually retrieve items from the back of the pack without having to take the vest off. Also, it covers a smaller are on my back and since it sits higher up I get better air flow on my back and don’t retain heat as much as I would with other packs. The vest is also not as constrictive as some other that I have owned allowing me to breathe easier with the vest on.

Sizing: True to size

Comparison to Other Brands: It really feels like an extension of the body. I have typically used other UltrAspire packs or Ultimate Direction packs in the past and this is far more comfortable.

Durability: Not sure on durability at this time. I have only had this vest for about one month but everything seems very durable so far.

Changes for the next model: Maybe add a built-in holder for poles

Would you recommend it? Yes I would recommend this to a friend.

Keeping it Honest – did you get this gear for free? No, but I get a discount on their products

Hunter Burdette is a coach with Team RunRun. To learn more about him or to work with him, check out his coach profile.