Whistler Apline Meadows 55k Race Info



Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

~9.5 miles

Highest Elev.

5905 ft





Time Limit

12 hours



Longest Climb

3800ft/8.2 miles

Summary: The Whistler Alpine Meadows trail races (WAM) happen on the Northwest side of Whistler, on terrain that has only been opened up in the last two years. Runners will be treated to alpine meadows, waterfalls, wildflowers, glaciers and mountain views. The course is mainly three loops, climbing one big up to start, a small down and up, one big down back to the starting elevation, followed by another big up and back down again. Expect lots of power hiking, steep terrain, technical terrain as you go further up, and beautiful views up top near the glaciers and down again near the meadows.

Race Details

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • Aid stations that are heli-drop are weather dependent, so don’t rely on them and be prepared to not have aid there
  • Aid stations are cupless
  • Poles are allowed and used by quite a few runners
  • Required gear list: Emergency bivy, like this one OR survival blanket, like this one OR TWO space blankets, like these 2) hooded jacket OR rain poncho 3) gloves and toque or buff 4) whistle 5) fire starting kit which can be as simple as a lighter in a ziplock bag 6) headlamp of at least 100 lumens
  • Start and Finish are close to each other, but still different locations
  • Terrain looks rocky and exposed in many of the pictures, above treeline and with varying weather. More photos and video here.
  • Very technical trails with rocks, loose rocks, and twisty single track
  • Be ready for climbing and for power hiking
  • Fairly big difference in terrain from the high up alpine (more technical, rocky) to the lower meadows, which has softer and more forgiving terrain and likely faster sections
  • Trail gets colder and rockier the higher you climb and the closer you get to the glacier
  • Could be wasps lower down in the meadows


Total gain/loss: 11000/11000

Total climbs: 4 total, 2 bigger and 2 smaller

1 x 3800ft from miles 2.3 to 10.5

1x 900ft from miles 11.8 to 13.1

1x 1500ft from miles 17.8 to 20

1x 2600ft from miles 21 to 26

Longest climb:1 x 3800ft from miles 2.3 to 10.5

Steepest climb: 1x 1060 ft from miles 18 to 19.3 (many steep sections of climbing within the 4 main climbs)

Course Map & Elevation Profile

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 5 aid stations in 3 locations

Furthest distance apart: 15.5 kilometers (~9.5 miles)

Locations: (Distances in kilometers) 7 / 18.5 (heli-drop) / 28.5 / 35 / 39.5 (heli-drop)

What’s available: Water, Coke, Heed electrolyte, Hammer gel, bananas, oranges, chips, cookies and watermelon.

Crew access

Location: Rainbow Park AS at kilometer 28.5

Crew instructions/directions



Race qualifiers

UTMB – 3 points

Race reports

Stephen D’s Race Report



Video by Gary Robbins with course insights

Strava activities and GPX files




Race Website