Avg Temps f.


Gain/Loss in ft


Furthest Aid

8.2 miles

Highest Elev.






Time Limit

9 hours (4pm)



Longest Climb

2750ft/5 miles

Summary: The 50K consists of one clockwise loop offering views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Hood, as well as Mt. Margaret Backcountry and its many lakes, creeks, craggy ridgelines and miles of single-track trails. Approximately 98% of the course is on single-track trails and the course offers four full aid stations.

Race Details

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • No race reports – it’s a first year race
  • Lots of exposed trail, so be ready for sun and heat, and other elements if the weather is windy or rainy
  • Aid stations are fairly far apart, so be sure to carry enough fueling, especially water
  • Very dry conditions on the trail and lots of ash (being near Mt. St. Helens) so be ready for hot, dry, dusty conditions


Total gain/loss: 7500/7500

Total climbs: 3 major (1×2750, 1×1500, 1×650) and many minor

Longest climb: 2750 feet in 5 miles

Steepest climb: 1500 feet in 3 miles

Map & Elevation profile 

Aid stations

Total aid stations: 4

Furthest distance apart: 8.3 miles

Locations: 4.6, 12.8, 20, 25.7

What’s available: Typical trail race food items: Bananas, oranges, chips, PB&J, Skout gels and bars, CarboPro, soda, water and other sweet stuff. Aid stations are CUPLESS!

Crew access

Hike-in access only, no driving to trailheads



Race qualifiers

UTMB – 3 points

Race reports

Marc L Race Report

Strava activities and GPX files

Race Website