Date: 12/10/17

Location: Dallas, TX

Start Time: 8:10am

Avg Temps (f): 58/39

Time Limit: 6.5 hours

Lessons Learned from Race Reports

  • With half marathoners starting at the same time as the full marathon, it feels a bit crowded until mile 9, when they split off.
  • Course is much more rolling hills than flat
  • If it’s windy at all, you’ll likely notice it in the latter miles around White Rock Lake, miles 11-20
  • If it’s rainy, the roads can seem slick
  • Weather is unpredictable, could be cold, rainy, windy, humid, hot…
  • Easy to get caught up in the speed of the half marathoners at the start


Type: Two loop course, with one of the loops being a lollipop loop off the main loop

Start/Finish Info: Starts and Finishes at Dallas City Hall Plaza. There is parking available or runners can use the DART Rail. There are 4 start corrals, each with different closing and start times – know your corral information!

Hills: 70ft miles 0-3.5, 160ft miles 4-7.5, 50ft miles 10-10.5, 50ft miles 11-11.5, 120ft miles 18.7-21, 50ft miles 21.5-21.8


Aid stations

Locations of water/electrolyte stations: 20 aid stations, each with water and Gatorade

Electrolyte offered: Clif Shots at miles 9 and 19.5

Spectator access

Access Locations: See Course Map

Boston qualifier?


Race reports

Alan V’s 2017 race report

Strava links

(Note: This doesn’t show the updated course for 2017 running around White Rock Lake)

Race Website