Tips for Making Treadmill Running Less Boring with Coach Sanne Lansink

By Coach Sanne Lansink You’re not alone if you love running outdoors and despise running inside on a treadmill. Although the activity is the same in many ways, being outside offers a significantly different experience than running indoors. Yet many people find themselves turning to a treadmill at some point throughout the year: security reasons, … Read more

Variations on the 20 Minute Tempo and Why it Matters

The Burn Is Real We’ve all been told the same thing by nearly every coach, physical trainer and fellow athlete in existence, namely that lactic acid is the enemy, a nasty gunk that makes your legs burn, seize up and eventually slow down against your will. While there are some elements of truth to this … Read more

Off-Season Training for Runners

This article will answer: What is the off season: Off-season is a time where training intensity and volume are reduced. For many runners this is between races or goals. It’s a phase in running that can last a couple of weeks to a couple of months, but there is no set duration. The duration and … Read more

Keeping your Run Mental Game Strong

Off-Season Soul-Searching for the Runner While many of us are wholly acclimated to running long, grueling miles, and we’ve all had our grit, determination, and mental strength tested in ways non-runners can never fully understand, winter running is a beast of a sport unto itself. One that tests even the most experienced, hardened runners, and … Read more

The Ins and Outs of Tapering

Runners working toward a half marathon and particularly a marathon or longer often hear talk about tapering. They know it means they should decrease their mileage and scale back their workouts as the race gets closer; however, many runners avoid tapering because they fear it will negatively affect their race-day performance. Even when runners do … Read more

The Best Running Playlists

Every now and then, runners encounter a wall that requires a little extra motivation to break through. Whether that’s the infamous 20 mile mark of the marathon, that local neighborhood hill whose steep grade is notorious amongst local runners, or anything in between. A good, upbeat song can be just what you need to break … Read more

Running Safely in Bear Country with Coach Dandelion Dilluvio-Scott

Running Safely in Bear Country: Advice from a Ranger Turned Running Coach It’s spring! Flowers are blooming. Frogs are croaking. Trees are budding. Trails are melting…. And the bears are stirring! In a press release Yellowstone National Park reported that the first sighting of an awake grizzly this year was recorded on March 7. A … Read more

Running to (re)Find Oneself after Becoming a Parent

Coach Kate is like so many of us that were runners before becoming parents – we’ve all had to completely change how we look at running, how we learn to fit running into a new lifestyle with kids, and how we use running to help us keep our sanity during the beautiful yet oftentimes difficult … Read more

Work/Life/Running Balance – post-COVID

As many parts of the world start an incremental return to “normal” life, the prospect of returning to in-office work is being met with mixed feelings. For many runners, the question on many of our minds now is how do we go about maintaining running routines post-COVID? How do we achieve the level of work/life/running … Read more

Training Principle #4: Specificity of Training

You set a big running goal and you want to become a better runner. There are lots of activities out there, like weight lifting, yoga, or various forms of cross training, that are advertised to make you a better runner. Although there may be some truth in those claims, the very best way to become … Read more

Training Principle #3: Individuality

You are special. You are unique. You are an individual. In endurance training, like most other areas of life, what is best for you might not be good for the next person and your friend’s training program might not work for you. We are all individuals and the best training plan for us to follow … Read more

Training Principle #2: Progression

Training Principle #2: Progression Think back to your very first run. It might have only been a mile or two (or maybe 10 if you were feeling overly amped up and ambitious!). Now reflect on where you are presently at in your running and how much you have improved from that very first run. Although … Read more

Training Principle #1: Overload and Recovery

‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’ is an aphorism from the German philosopher Nietzsche that is fundamentally applicable to training to become a better runner. What Nietzsche learned through observation about human nature, that scientists have confirmed to be true for all living organisms down to the cellular level, is that when an organism … Read more

Staying Hydrated in the Winter for Runners

We often conjure images of the Sahara desert when thinking about adequate hydration; however, it may also be appropriate to think of the Arctic tundra when thinking about hydration for endurance activities. In this article, Team RunRun discusses the importance of staying hydrated in the winter for runners and how it impacts performance.  Challenges of … Read more

Why Do I Run Slower When It’s Cold Outside?

Why Do I Run Slower When it is Cold Outside? Do you ever go out for a hard run on a cold day and notice that the effort to hit your pace is greater than expected? You nailed your workout on that 50℉ day last week, so it is unlikely that you’ve lost fitness since … Read more